I promise we’re not commissioned by UrbanSpace to constantly feature them, but have you been to an Urban Space Food Market? They somehow mashup the best food vendors of NY and bring them to our area for one month. (I know… such teases.) BUT it opens are eyes to a bevy of new places that we never would have heard about unless we stumbled across it, or it was raved about via social media or magazines.

This time around we visited their new outdoor food market, Garment District. Located conveniently, as the name says, in the Garment District are of Manhattan, they welcome oldies (but goodies) and a few newbies from the area to showcase their culinary talent. I really need to bring a sidekick with me because the food tastes way better with a friend, which speaks volumes as I took a friend back the very next day to one of my new favorite spots – Bangkok Bar. I’ve had Thai food. I actually love Thai food. But I’ve never had Thai food like this. It was so fresh, aromatically seasoned, the perfect amount of spice that complemented rather than overpowered. I could literally eat them every day. Plus their portions are quite generous as well. There’s even a large grill in front so you can see them cooking up their concoctions.

Other places that are a must try: Billy’s Bakery aka the best cupcake you’ll ever have. Magnolia’s who? Café Patoro. I was able to practice a little of my Portuguese with the owner, and devour the Maple Bacon PDQ at the same time. You may want to bring Tupperware, because you’ll want every last Maple Bacon PDQ they have. And last but not least, The Poffertjes Man. I don’t really ever crave pancakes, and I can’t stand powdered sugar, but I sopped up ever little Dutch delicacy on the plate.

Garment District market will be open daily, from 11am-9pm, until Friday, October 17th on Broadway and 41st street spreading to 39th.