A while back I attended a VOGUE styling event where someone noted that they prefer the theatrics and execution of London Fashion. “London is where all the best designers are discovered,” they quipped. Till this day, I still agree. I find that, depending on the origin of the design house, there’s a certain esthetic that comes from the atmosphere. NY designers typically praise the “New York Woman” or better yet, “The New York Way of Life” when citing their collections inspirations. While English house show it. You never have to search. The inspiration is apparent, the story is obvious, and more importantly the styling options are infinite. That’s what I love so much about J.W. Anderson.

Née Jonathan William Anderson, this Northern Ireland native graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2005 after finishing his degree in menswear. J.W. Anderson first launched its label in 2008 with a men’s collection, by the beginning of 2010, Jonathan (because we’re on a first name basis now) decided to expand his collection and launched a capsule collection for women – sheerly based off the high demands of fans in response to his menswear line. His womenswear collection, at no surprise to anyone, garnered amassed following and commercial success, and still holds true since its debut at London Fashion Week in February of 2011.

Fall Winter 2014, is one of my favorites. It’s one of those seasons where no words are descriptive enough to create the necessary mental image. It can only be understood with googly eyes, dropped jaws and several series of “oos” and “ahhs”. Well that’s the case for me, somehow Avenue 32 was capable of putting my thoughts into words. “Jonathan turns his attention towards manipulating earthy-textured fabrics to re-address the structural balance of women’s’ clothing and create new fashion forms with a strong, almost industrial feel. Bias cuts and ruching around the waist in his midi skirts add subtle shaping which are perfect with a striped-knit for an elongating illusion. The dream buy from this collection has to be his charcoal grey ensemble; the deep cowl-neck of the top and structured midi-skirt textured in bobbled, boiled wool creates the ultimate soft winter silhouette.”