Dr.-Low-Dog-HeadshotWho better than spa professionals and dermatologists, would know how to remedy those summer skin ailments brought on by the harsh weather. We’ve tapped our sources to give you DIY tips on how to care for those bothersome issues when these spa treatments just aren’t in the budget. And when they are, we’ve got the best, of the best, that can provide a deeper more focused escape.

Tip: “To minimize the long-term effects of sun-damaged skin, apply honey (with moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory healing components) to hydrate, tighten and firm the skin.” – Cynde Montilla, lead massage therapist at the Guerlain Spa in the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York
Treatment: Urban Island Escape – Honey and extra virgin organic coconut oil hydrate and nourish skin through a toning body mask, sugar glow scrub and a moisturizing massage.

Tip:Sand is a highly effective scrub that helps exfoliate the body and face, leaving the surface soft and ready to absorb an even, beautiful spray tan.” – Caitlin McClelland, spa manager of AHC+Hospitality at The JW Marriott Grand Rapids.
Treatment: Michigan Sand Scrub and Massage – Inspired by Lake Michigan summers, this service rejuvenates skin with lakeside Grand Haven Beach Sand followed by a refreshing Coconut Lime body massage.

Tip: “Spending time in and out of the pool can be damaging to the scalp and hair as chlorine can cause extreme dryness. Use coconut oil as a scalp and hair treatment. It’s a go-to conditioner!” – Monica Coutinho, Spa Del Rey at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey manager.
Treatment: Hot Oil Scalp Treatment – Fijan Organic Coconut Oil is massaged into the scalp for instant shine and moisture revitalization.

Tip: Cool the burning itch of heat rash by refrigerating a cucumber and then quickly blending it for a smooth consistency. Apply generously to irritated skin.”- Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Chief Medical Director at Well & Being
Treatment: Moisture Bound Body Wrap – Soothe skin with a jojoba cream scrub followed by aloe vera and prickly pear gel before guests are wrapped in soft muslin and given a light acupressure facial lift, finished with a refreshing cucumber mist.

Tip: “Refresh sweaty skin with a DIY lavender spray. Fill half a four ounce bottle with distilled water and add 30-40 drops of lavender oil. After one month, strain through a coffee filter and spray onto the skin to replenish (with relaxing benefits!).” – Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Chief Medical Director at Well & Being
Treatment: Sage and Lavender Bath – A blend of healing essential oils eases stress and anxiety, while soothing and repairing damaged skin.

Tip: “To aid skin, hair and nails dried out from UV radiation, apply Argan oil. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins E, A and F, it will hydrate and soften damaged skin.” – Regina Parti, Spa Manager of Harmony Spa at Aria Hotel Budapest
Treatment: Total Summer Glow – An aloe vera mask facial infused with a super-serum of pomegranate extract and Argan Oil nourishes skin, combined with a Vitamin C cleansing and toning ritual.

Tip: “Common causes of water retention during the summer months are the beaming heat, which causes the body to be less efficient at removing fluid from tissues, and sunburn as the skin retains fluid and swells in response to the injury.” – Carlotta Zampilloni, spa manager at Grand Spa Club, Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.
Treatment: Thermal Spa Massage with Shells – Combines a super draining shell massage with the benefits of algae, power of the guaraná plant and the rich thermal springs to eliminate water retention.

Here are additional DIY tips from Dr. Tiearona Low Dog, MD, the Chief Medical Director at Well & Being for sunburn and perspiration relief:


Tip:Steep 4 green teabags in 4 cups of water for 20 minutes, then add ice cubes. Apply to sweaty skin with a washcloth to take the sting out of the sunburn.”

Tip: “Take ½ cup of baking soda and slow add water to make a paste. Apply to sunburn for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off with cool water to soothe the itch of the burn.”