Violet Gray is described as a “who” rather than a “what”, why is that? 
We feel it is because she is more than just jewellery, the Violet Gray vibe is a way of life. The intention infused into each piece connects the wearer with their piece in a unique and personal way. When a woman looks at her wrist she doesn’t just see a another silver bracelet, she is reminded of the intention and meaning that she has attached it to. The jewellery cultivates a loving and supportive energy and our community really do love and feel that.

Where did the concept of Violet Gray manifest? 
Alex: In Indonesia, but really it was long before she actually materialised. I have always handcrafted jewellery, even through university. I started making and selling jewellery under a different label in 2009, but then went traveling in Europe for a few years. I couldn’t let go of the dream to actually create a life where I created jewels full time, so after sailing around the Mediterranean seas for a while, I told my boyfriend that I had to go and live this dream, or let it go. So we moved to Indonesia, I started to create with my hands and from there, the rest is history. She launched online in August 2012 as an Etsy store and Violet Gray as a brand has just continued to explode.

Tell us about your design process? 
Alex: Our design process starts as a sporadic thought.. Creativity when forced just feels stifled, so it all begins spontaneously. We can’t predict when these ‘ideas’ will come, but when a concept presents itself, we can feel intuitively whether is it going to be successful or not. From there, we speak it out – over and over again, I then draw. Once thought has turned into form on paper, depending on what type of piece it is we either make the first sample ourselves, or begin to start the process with one of our amazing suppliers.

Which is the most popular collection, and why do you think that is? 
Our signature Chakra necklace collection is definitely the most popular. It is popular for two reasons – the first being that the product itself is so light and beautiful to wear and the second being that the charms are interchangeable. This means that you can collect the whole set and swap over the charms as you feel drawn – keeping in the ever-changing flow of life.

Which is your favourite collection or piece, and why? 
Our giant Aquamarine ring – ‘Heart Wisdom’. It is the type of piece that you wear for a lifetime.

The brand supports a birthing centre in Bali. Of all the communities and organisations, what about this birthing center stood out? 
The very first Violet Gray piece to be made was a Blessing strand, an intentional crystal gift for a mother to be. Alex was living in Indonesia when Violet Gray (the business) was born and due to the nature of the jewellery direction at that time, we felt drawn to the birthing centre. Ibu Robyn, the amazing women that founded this foundation works tirelessly for women and safe birthing practices globally, and we personally believe in the power of women supporting women. Even though Violet Gray doesn’t currently focus on pregnancy related jewels, we feel honoured to support this donation run foundation.