BucketFeet, the artist-designed footwear start-up, premiers at Nordstrom this month.

Founded three years earlier by strangers backpacking in Argentina, BucketFeet’s mission was to connect others through art. Fast-forward three years and these conversational sneakers have joined the Nordstrom retail arena. Each launch, or installation, as it’s been dubbed to stay with the arts feel, will continue unrolling throughout April. The first installation occurred in mid-March featuring designs by global artists like Dj Lu from Bogota, CK1Art from Tehran,Suiko from Hiroshima, and Carrie Van Hise from New York.Bucketfeet

“We are proud and humbled to be part of the Nordstrom community so early in our company’s history,” said Bobby Stephens, BucketFeet President and COO. “It provides an unparalleled opportunity to share our artists’ stories with an audience that is both fashionable and passionate about art.”

BucketFeet has hit 20 retail locations thus far – eight with a women’s only focus and 12 with both men’s and women’s collections. During the second week of April, an additional 28 stores will begin carrying BucketFeet. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection houses 78 styles from 44 different artists which can all be viewed on the BucketFeet website.