Peter Manning, stands 5’8” tall. Like many men, he found that many brands didn’t produce clothes that properly fit men of his stature. So, to bridge the gap continuum of fashion and height, Manning created, Peter Manning. An online e-commerce that caters to men who not only find rack shopping tiresome, but don’t want to sacrifice style for fit.

How tall are you?
I’m 5’8″ and most people don’t think I am very short but clothes never fit me properly and I always had to shorten my pants.

Is it exclusively for shorter men?
It is.  Taller guys have lots of options.  They don’t need me.  However, I hope they’ll wish they could fit into our clothes.

Why now? Hasn’t there always been a market for shorter men?
It is one of the great mysteries to me.  Why has no one ever done this?  It is an enormous market.  Maybe shorter men just never made a fuss and so people just ignored the need.  I could not take it anymore and so I started the company.  Sometimes the great concepts are so obvious.

PM1Will Peter Manning be the only brand available?
We design and make all our own clothes and so for now it is almost entirely Peter Manning.  There are terrific brands that I would love to work with and we will over time.  The trick is that they would have to remake their sizing to fit ours. PM-Detail

What’s your signature style for your shape?
I like to wear things as slim as possible to make we look leaner and taller.  I didn’t always and it took a while to get use to after wearing ill-fitting baggy clothes for years.  Now I don’t know how I ever wore those things!

What are looks that you think shorter men should steer clear of?
It is not so much looks that they should steer clear of but rather details.  Lots of men have different looks but the right details can help however you dress.  Keep things slim, don’t wear pants with pleats, try to avoid horizontal stripes, stay away from boot cut pants and jeans, watch the size of your lapels and the placement of your buttons. Pants and tops that work together tonally can help you look taller and if a coat or jacket is too big bring it to the tailor.