Here at StyleCartel, we’re always looking to feature new brands by trying them out first hand. This way, we give our honest opinions on what the product is really like. And don’t think everything we receive gets a feature or check plus in our book, because it doesn’t.  And many times, like this one, we aren’t able to try certain products as they may not necessarily cater to our skin tone, size, preference, whatever. Which we then outsource to people we know will provide the most authentic, honest feedback possible. For this Sexy Saturday with Felina andJezebel, I asked my good friend Julia Gongaware from EatPGH to try out some lacy numbers for us and tell us her POV by ranking from favorite to least favorite.

1. Nude bra with halter lace strap 
Being of the gay persuasion, I don’t often buy bras with frills or any real sex appeal. Maybe that’s why this rather basic bra was my favorite. The little bit of lace made me feel like a lady. And every time I put it on, I felt like a bad ass cop putting a gun on (it clasps in the front). Just me? Ok. It also was the most comfortable bra of the bunch.
2. Hot pink bra with flower lace embellishments 
It was hard not to constantly caress myself while wearing this bra. It had an amazing feel, so much so that I encouraged other to feel for themselves. It also made me look like I had a rack. So a win for everyone!
3. Black bra with lace sides and tiny pink bows
I guess I’m basic loving because this one was also pretty great. This is the girl next door style of bra. It seems simple but when you take a closer look and see it has way more to offer – cute ruffles along the top, sexy see-through lace on the side, ruffled embellishments on the straps. It’s sexy without trying.
4. Black bra with light pink flower embellishments (tie)
Every time I wore this bra, I wanted to take it off by mid-day. It dug into my sides and was rather uncomfortable. It also wasn’t the easiest to wear with dress shirts because of the flower embellishments. A mistake I only made once. Hello, weird rippled boobs.
5. Black and pink corset-style bra (tie) 
Not my favorite but only because I’m not a huge fan of the style — like it was part of a “sexy” Halloween costume. It also felt bulky.
6 . Hot pink lace see-through bra
The was my least favorite but only because it provided no real support or shape. I’m sure if I were a full B or C, this would be amazing. It’s super sexy and I really wanted to like this one.
The underwear overall was great. I LOVED how they felt. Sensing a trend? I’m typically a cotton boy brief kind of girl but these will be featured regulars now. The ones that matched some of the bras did make me feel like I was wearing a swim suit. I think as a pair it could be more subtle and still achieve that “matching” vibe they’re trying to achieve.