It’s been a while since we’ve done a trip so close to our New York City base, but as fashion month wound down and the holidays started to gear up, we knew it was now or never; or at least not until 2016 at least.

Where did we go? We ventured up north (I think it was north… I have no real sense of direction) to New England’s cozy historic city of Old Saybrook in Connecticut. Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving providing you with stories of things to do, places to eat, and little history nuggets of what makes this place so wonderful. Part of me wants to ruin it for you now, though I won’t – but let me just say, if you ever have the chance…VISIT!IMGP2450

We begin this journey at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa – a relaxing retreat nestled between Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River. Depending on the location of your room, you can actually peek outside your window and see those sparkling blue waters sway under the sun. During the summer, hotel guests and community guests alike can be found enjoying the live music from the outside bar and admiring the docked boats on the marina. Come Fall, Saybrook Point plays host to an annual “Pumpkin on the Point” spectacular that includes hayrides, carving demos, seasonal treats, and special activities for the over 21 crowd.

Inset-into-StoryBut don’t feel pressured to join in all the festivities. The Sanno Spa is just seconds away if your only purpose is some serious R&R. A multi-room facility, Sanno Spa offers the basic treatment options and then some. There is even a treatment named after their former neighbor, the late Katharine Hepburn called “The Kate”. To coincide with her affection for the shore, the body ritual includes an exfoliating body polish, refreshing rinse, and finishes with a flowing application of moisturizers formulated to nurture and relax the mind, body, and spirit – similar to the healing properties being near water has. We experienced the Customized Sanno Swedish Massage. I don’t know if was because it was much needed from a stressful few months, or the therapists were just so well versed, but I wanted sleep on the massage table. My senses were at a level of serenity it hadn’t known for some time.
As an aside, if you are staying in the Inn and can’t do the spa, but still want to relax, visit the pool. There are two – one indoor and another heated outdoor. Both are salted to an extreme that it creates its own natural chlorination, so none of those harsh chemicals burning your eyes or giving off a putrid smell. The vicinity also comes equipped with showers for quick rinse before and after your dips, a steam room and Jacuzzi!

And trust, they aren’t overcompensating for mediocre accommodations. This property features the historic Three Stories guesthouse where each room tells the story of a famous local residents like Anna Louise James and Katharine Martha Houghton. Originally built in 1892 for the prominent engineer William Vars, who is also showcased in one of the rooms, now stands as an eight-room guesthouse with wrap-around porches, private gardens, heated bathroom floors, artworks by local artists and “Boy’s Club” type playroom down below.

I bet you’re wondering with all this lavishness, where does the food come in. Well that will have to wait until next week.
For more information on Saybrook Point Inn & Spa, visit them online. We’ll see you next week when we talk F-O-O-D!