You can’t go anywhere without a tech item being shoved in your face. And we can’t stop it. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t stop the impending love/hate relationship we have with these advancing devices. But what we can control is how we make the most out of every item we purchase. If we’re going to spends hundreds, nay, thousands, they ought to help us better ourselves faster, right? So basically the time I’m 40 I should be able to speak 6 languages, DJ better than Aoki, play a solo better than Joe Perry, and dribble faster than Kobe.

PUC Wireless Midi Interface by JAMSTIK – $99; Idea Builder 3D by Dremel – $999; WLSON X Connected Basketball by WILSON – $199.99; Shaka-Khan Percussion Recording Gadget by BrandNewNoise – $82; Laserband 82 by HAIRMAX – $795; Nikon 1 J5 by Nikon – starting at $499.95; Sleep-Life Balance Program with Contact Free MultiSensor by Sleeprate – $149;  Monthly Subscription by Jukely – $25 a month; Perfect Drink PRO The Original Smart Scale and Interactive Recipe App by Perfect Company – $99.99; Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless by Skullcandy – $59.99; JAMSTIK+ by JAMSTIK – $349; TURBO X Premium Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by RIVA – $349; SOGO Personal Transporter from Sharper Image – $499.99; Ultra CHI Glitter Sweet 1″ Iron from ULTA – $149.95; DJ Turntable from Marshalls – $49.99 (available in-store only)