“Redrum. Redrum.” Was every classic scary movie the inspiration behind The Blonds FW13 collection? Or was it a Drag Show Horror Story, because that’s the only reason you’d be able to get away with all that glitz, feathers, corset and still look so beautiful. It seriously was the best drag runway show I’ve ever seen!

This season The Blonds, expectantly so, brought. IT! For years I watched then growing up on Fashiontrance when the Style Network only talked about style (remember that?!), and to see they still have the creative vision and chutzpah to surprise us every season, says more than words could describe.


Models sashayed down that catwalk with voluptuous hair and Louboutin heels befitting to every collection piece. From the Hannibal Lecter style fur coat restraint to The Shining Jack Nicholson plastered front and center of cream corset to “blood” soaked raincoat depicting Hitchcock’s Psycho, these geniuses kept me wanting more. ::sigh::

From head to toe, this collection and show were an artistic, innovative masterpiece that few will be able to top. Then again did we expect anything less when your celebrity roster includes Carmen Electra, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Neon Hitch, Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Katy Perry, and countless others?

Photos courtesy of Andrew Werner