Wet N Wild pampered us as they showed us the Fergie Center Stage Collection as well as their 2013 Collection. Yes, that Wet N Wild. Your first ever eyeliner that some doubled as a lip liner, when lining your lips with black pencil was cool. I believe that was also the same time I wanted Mary J. Blige’s exact outfit from “Real Love” – combat boots, old school baseball jersey and a backwards cap. Oh that brings back memories.

And that’s what Wet N Wild is and will always be for many women. They were there for your first breakup. They were there for your first kiss. They were there when all your friends were allowed to attend parties but your parents insisted you weren’t ready for a co-ed crowd. Now, they’ve returned, with a “Glamour Girl” we can all relate to, Fergie.


Anyway, they came all the away from LA to show us New York ladies what’s in their future and the future of beauty. While ladies were getting makeup lessons from an in-house makeup artist others were presented with the latest collection in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. No judgment. No sales pitch. No pressure to write about the event. It was like we were catching up with our closest girlfriends over cocktails. And that’s what we want – to always know that the brands we swear by really care what WE, the consumers, think.

I’ve tried only a few products gifted to me Friday, but I can tell you, what I have tried, I love.  We know you want a piece of the action, so stay tuned, we’ll be doing some giveaways very, very soon!