Early Start Weekend will act as the The Cut’s fashion critic for this season’s fashion weeks in New York and Paris. Known for her honest criticism, Givhan holds her critical tongue for no one. In August 2009, she remarked on First Lady Michelle Obama’s vacation ensemble with, “Avoiding the appearance of queenly behavior is politically wise. But it does American culture no favors if a first lady tries so hard to be average that she winds up looking common.” (She later defends her statement on CNN’s Early Start Weekend.) Earlier, in 2007, she referred toHilary Clinton’s v-neckline as “unnerving” and “startling.”

Now, within a realm where it’s common knowledge a majority writes polite commentary instead of truth for fear of being black listed from future shows, what does this mean for The Cut? Last year, they were one of the first fashion blogs to revamp their site with the latest technological advances and informational topics. Today, they announce the contribution of Pulitzer Prize winning fashion critic. What next leaps will The Cut take to ensure they remain one step ahead of everyone else?

I don’t know, but I do foresee many “critics” following suite.

“We’re thrilled to have one of the most respected critics in the field writing for The Cut,” says The Cut editorial director, Stella Bugbee. “Robin’s deep knowledge, unique perspective and beautiful writing will raise the bar on our Fashion Week coverage.”