Aamanns-Copenhagen, the newest kid on the TriBeCa block, serves up Danish delicacies not only by menu, but in style, atmosphere and presentation. Brainchild of Danish native, Sanne Ytting, Aamanns-Copenhangen was opened 8 months ago on the corner of Laight Street and St. Johns Lane – allowing for natural light to shine through whether in rain or shine.


“I started to crave Danish food and wanted to show my new friends what Denmark has to offer. That’s why I came up with the idea to create a piece of Denmark in Manhattan,” said Sanne Ytting on how the idea came to fruition.

And she did. From finding a team that understood her concept, to transplanting Danish chefs, to using an interior architect via Denmark to recreate her native concept in the Big Apple using Danish products – everything is true to her culture not a fusion similar to what we’ve become accustomed to in this industry.  Every item on the menu is also homemade with locally sourced or Danish shipped ingredients – the bread, the pickling even the akavit is distilled in their in-house distillery. (For those who aren’t aware of what akavit is, as I too was in the same boat, akavit is a traditional flavored spirit typically produced in Scandinavia.) Their akavit comes in a variety of infusions like beet, dill, vanilla, and rye that delicately hit the palette, warm your insides without the obnoxious overpowering taste of alcohol.


After tasting a bit of rye akavit, which seemed to cleanse the taste buds, we moved forward to the tasting. Let me just say, I’ll try almost anything. I’m not a fan of raw meat. All my burgers must be well done, but there was something about the Chef Rasmus made smørrebrød, open faced sandwich, of beef tartare with egg emulsion, fresh tarragon, cornichons, capers, onion rings and crispy potatoes atop rye bread, that had me singing another tune. It was simple, light and designed with freshly grown legumes and spices – like several other dishes, including their pickled Herring with vegetables, crème fraiche and herbs. Or my other favorite, herring in creamy mustard sauce with pickled parsnip, shallots and rye crumble. YUM!


And unlike quickly growing businesses, Aamanns-Copenhagen is innately concerned with leaving as little carbon footprint as possible by currently working with a group of other restaurateurs and farmers to develop a co-op where it’s a win-win for all parties. Restaurants and their customers are supplied with the freshest, in-season, least pestacide ridden, ingredients, while farmers aren’t forced to shut down generation old businesses due to the vast growth of artificially preserved food.

Blocks away from the infamous Greenwich Hotel, the bustling shopping mecca on Canal Street and the serene Hudson River, Aamanns-Copenhagen is the perfect spot to catch up with loved ones for brunch, host dinner events for work or enjoy a late evening cocktail with that special someone.