I’m good at many things, but cooking has never been my strong suit. There are a few dishes I can prepare that will make ones mouth salivate, but nothing that can become an everyday meal staple. I mean, let’s be honest… all these cooking channel stars have state of the art kitchen and equipment that many don’t have, let alone know how to operate. And put next to the masterpieces they created in 30 minutes though it asks for 45 minutes of braising on each side, it becomes another unrealistic goal that’s easier said than done.

That’s why when I met with President and Co-Founder of QOOQ, Jean-Yves Hepp, I was hesitant to believe anything he said. Let’s be real. Everyday someone is trying to sell us on a new product, a product that probably wouldn’t make our life easier, but  only make their pockets fuller. But, of course, I can always admit when I’m wrong. And wrong I was with QOOQ.

QOOQ is the first culinary tablet made specifically for use in the kitchen. It can be dropped. It can be doused with bolognese sauce. It can be mishandled in such a way that no Apple product could ever endure and survive.

I’m not saying the QOOQ tablet is meant to be abused. What I am saying is accidents happen in the kitchen while cooking and you need a source that can truly stand the test of what really happens.  It comes with over 1,000 recipes and videos pre-loaded for you to choose from created. Videos with step-by-step footage on how to make every dish, explain to you how and what mincing is, and a bio of all the chefs, so you know a bit about their history. Chefs like Guillaume Gomez, youngest “Meilleur Ouvrier de France,” at the official residence of the President of France; Francois Adamski (Bocuse d’Or and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”), of the Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Gabriel”; and William Lamagnère, pastry chef of the restaurant “La Closerie des Lilas” in Paris and former pastry chef of “Ladurée”.

QOOQ also comes with Wi-Fi capabilities, so while your salmon is browning skin side down, you’re able to catch up on emails, news, or your favorite celebrity gossip site. Or if surfing the web isn’t your cup of tea, you can cook to your favorite tunes, share or add your own recipes, or create your shopping list for your next market trip.

Hepp said, “We developed the QOOQ culinary tablet to modernize the cooking experience and change the way we think about and approach meal preparation… The QOOQ culinary tablet offers users direct interaction with top chefs and allows them to learn every nuance of their favorite dish, helping improve their own talents and making life simpler in the kitchen.”

I’ve seen many tablets that claim to have similar abilities as QOOQ has, but none can offer as much or execute its capabilities quite as well QOOQ can.


Currently available on Amazon.com and at  QOOQ’s Official Site.