The fashion scene has used eye wear to enhance their look for centuries. Whether it be aviator shades to dodge unwanted eye contact or wayfarer anti-glare specs for the everyday glasses wearer, Polaroid has played a large hand in where it’s come today. After 75 years of leading in polarized lens technology and eye-care, Polaroid celebrated its anniversary at the Museum of Modern Art last night with celebs including Aisha Tyler, Miss J. Alexander, DJ Kiss, Carson Kressley, Neon Hitch and DJ trio The Misshapes.

In honor of its 75th year, Polaroid re-invented itself with Polaroid Plus – a sunglasses collection that combines polarization technology featuring the latest styles in frames. Not only do all models come equipped with the UltraSightTM Plus lens, a new technology providing 100% UV rays protection, reduction of eye fatigue and glare elimination, Polaroid marks its territory with a metal graphic letter “P”.


(Lto R): Miss J. Alexander, Aisha Tyler; DJ Kiss

Invented in 1929 by Dr. Edwin Herbert Land, Polaroid sells over 4 million pairs of polarized sunglasses, in over 80 countries, each year. “We can be dramatic, even theatrical; we can be persuasive; but the message we are telling must be true,” Dr. Land said.

At times compared to companies like Apple, Polaroid remains on a platform of their own and only time will tell where it will be in the next 75 years. But if their current history is any sign, I won’t be surprised to see them still at the forefront of the industry

The-Misshapes-II(Top left to bottom right): The Misshapes; Neon Hitch