image003German-born artist, Peter Max, re-enters the art scene after a 20 year hiatus. World renowned for the past 40 years, Max chooses to depict Marilyn Monroe. Known as Hollywood’s most recognized “Blonde Bombshell”, Monroe was always the epitome of sexy glamour, having lived her life portraying what the world wanted her to be. And behind closed doors returning to the astute firecracker few were able to see.

This exhibition, personally seems to capture this persona in the 40 one-of-a-kind works by Peter Max. Utilizing an iconic photograph of Marilyn, shot by her friend Milton Greene, Max takes his signature strokes to create a new perspective of the shot all displayed at the iconic POP International Galleries, in New York. An art mecca that has housed the likes of Warhol,Ringo Starr, Basquiat, Dr. Suess and the Grateful Dead.

“To have POP International Galleries host the return of the POP art icon Peter Max to New York is a rare honor.  Add Marilyn Monroe to the mix, with Peter’s already unmistakably vibrant palette, and you have a legendary show on your hands!” said Jeff Jaffe, owner, POP International Galleries.  “When people see these spectacular works, they will understand why Peter Max has remained at the top of his game for decades.  They are simply amazing.”

Max’s exhibition will be showcased at POP International Galleries until December 31, 2013. For more information on Peter Max or POP International Galleries, please visit their respective websites.