BIG-PARK-LOOKBOOK-SS14_Page_11-768x1024Where did the name BIG PARK come from?
I always had the vision and the dream to create a cultural park named Big Park for a new generation of all genders desiring the taste of an adventurous lifestyle. Many of my close friends in the art, music, film and architecture field call me BIG PARK. Since I have an established fashion brand and background, I decided to launch a new line moving a step closer to the dream of a cultural park.

You were so well known for Park Youn Soo, what made you bring about BIG PARK?
I’ve been inspired by the success of my signature line and I received a series of key, notable awards. I felt that I had reached the peak of creativity with my signature line and therefore I decided to venture out into something a little different. It was time for me to create a fresh label. It was the right time for Big Park! I created the collection by drawing inspiration from street style from all around the world, with the aim to portray a multicultural lifestyle through the timeless exploration of various journeys. I have been creating handmade patchworks throughout the collections including a reinterpretation of the dragons and tigers from the dynamic movement of the Joseon Dynasty for the S/S12 collection.

Are there elements of Park Youn Soo, which you’ve incorporated into BIG PARK? Or is BIG PARK a completely new, and innovated brand concept? Who is the main clientele that seek BIG PARK? Is there a celebrity following?
The Big Park brand is still in its infancy. I launched the collection two years ago and have been developing the brand ever since. If I had to define the brand, I’d say it’s unique, not too serious. Although Big Park is mostly considered a casual line, it’s very high-end, made meticulously to perfection. I always think about what item to feature for each season. So for this season’s collection, I took the Korean library and turned it into a concept. It’s featured in my collection in the graphics, the design patterns and various other stylistic forms.

BIG-PARK-LOOKBOOK-SS14_Page_16-768x1024Big Park targets a younger crowd, which embraces an adventurous urban lifestyle. Although the collection focuses on targeting female consumers, it has been increasingly attracting young male consumers, too. It has the potential to enter the unisex segment. I have received great feedback from K-Pop Stars including 2NE1, BIGBANG(G-Dragon), Afterschool, N’uest.

Tell us about some of your history in fashion; i.e.: how you got started in fashion? Where the love came from? Who you’ve worked with?
I’ve been a fashion designer for over 25 years. I originally majored in Fine Arts. And it was with my knowledge of fine arts that I was able to win the grand prize in the Joongang Daily Newspaper design contest which then led me to the fashion industry and allowed me to debut as a fashion designer. In 1989, I became a fashion pioneer in my country by being one of the first Koreans to launch a fashion collection. It’s now been 22 years since I’ve launched my first collection. During this time, I’ve been able to establish the Park Youn Soo brand identity in my designs.

It wasn’t originally my intention to become a fashion designer, but ever since I was young, people around me always complimented me for my artistic talents. So it got me thinking…If I could pursue and use this talent of mine and things go well, it could turn into a very good career.

Are there any collaborations in the future for BIG PARK?
I have collaborated with MCM (ready-to-wear & catwalk bags) since its launch in 2012 Spring/Summer. We are currently planning various projects with musicians and K-pop stars for a catwalk accessories line for upcoming future collection.