Celebrity manicurist, Pattie Yankee, is backstage creating dozens of looks and styles all throughout fashion week in the city, while dealing with her personal clients@. This time forGEORGINE Spring/Summer 2016, she takes the designer’s idea of matching and add the Yankee aesthetic. We caught up with her yesterday to bring you the deets.

The Look: “Georgine wanted to match the hair, the brows, and the clothing, so she chose four different ranges of colors. Then we added a metallic strip because she thinks that gives it a really modern look. So this is yellow. It’s called Son, from my Patricia Nail Lacquer line. This is going to be new for the spring. Serenity. Vineyard. And also, this is Heavenly Embrace and Oceans combined together. Those are all in my spring line. These are new ones. This one is actually from my fall line last season. They’re available at Ricky’s as is my polish.”IMGP2243At-home: “They can buy that … I think it’s a dollar nail art. They should have metallic tape. They can just polish the nail, wait for the polish to dry really well, and then apply the stripe as tape, over the top. I always need to extend it extra so wherever your fingers touch isn’t going to stick on the nail. Really stretch it out extra on the nail and then trim it with little scissors or little cuticle nippers, if you do. At home, I would put a little dab of glue, because a lot of times when we do this in the salon, we put gel polish over it, so maybe get a thin glue, a thin brush on glue. Kiss has one that’s a really thin, quick drying glue. Just set it at the ends and let that dry before you top coat. That will really keep the tape on well.”IMGP2252

Mani Bar: “I recently opened a mani bar at Ricky’s SoHo. It’s on Broadway, between Prince and Houston. The hours are 11AM to 7:30PM, Monday through Saturday. Either myself or my assistant is there. She’s been with me for 6 years. I’m usually there Tuesday’s and Friday’s, unless I have a celebrity client. I’m really specializing in press-on nails, like this, that people can actually add to their wardrobe, like a jewelry set. I have these cute little cases, so if you came in and you wanted to custom-size your nails and have us make you a custom set, we could do that. I have these pre-glued tabs you can use, or else you can glue it on permanently for 2 weeks, either way you want. They come in a little kit and we custom-make them for you off-site if you come in, and you can come back and pick them up. It’s going to be really cool.”

“You can get gel manicures, regular manicures, or get these sets done, so you can keep them in your house like a wardrobe at home, just like jewelry. You can say, “Oh, I want to wear these nails tonight when I go out,” and put them on with the double-sided tabs that we sell at Ricky’s and just wear them as an accessory. I’m also going to have classes in the fall when it gets crazy. Where you can come in, like they have the painting classes, where you come in and make your own set of nails. I’ll do a design for Christmas, or Halloween, or whatever. You come and we just have a party, champagne, and make your own set of nails. Then you get to take them home in a little case.”