It’s the summer of ’69 at Houghton Spring/Summer 2016 and Brian Buenaventura for Cutler is recreating those coveted hippy curls that were light, carefree, and sexy.

Inspiration: “Katharine is using a lot of light, airy fabrics … Just kind of a lightness to it, so she kind of wanted to translate that into the hair. A little hippy, pretty, but still fun and still cool, you know? Not too, too frilly.”

How-to: “Basically, what we did is we used the 1/8 inch curling iron and we curled, but we didn’t use a normal curl, I did the regular curl on most of the strand, and then the opposite way on the rest of the strand. It’s two different opposing curl directions, and then we brushed it out, backcombed it and used Triple Take 32 from Redken to kind of set it so it would stay. So when they’re walking, you still see a lightness to it, but you can still tell it’s curled. It’s a combination of teasing and definition of the curl. That’s why it’s big and on the ends, you see little curls, coming out and a little uneven, so it’s not so perfect.

If you have bangs (example photo below): First we blow dried some Guts Number 10 from Redken and we blow dried the bangs back so it can blend into their hair and once it’s back with a middle part, we went and just used the curl. Then with the curl, we kind of blended into their own hair. So it’s okay that she has a layer there, but it sort of blends into the rest of the hair.IMGP2369