There’s something about understated luxury that I love – crisp tailored suits, shined shoes, understanding the difference between an ascot and Windsor – which I truly love. Though many try to recreate, it’s a very old school charm that typically comes from breeding, it can never duplicated. Sort of like the Parker.

A brand synonymous with luxury, has continued their legacy of simple elegance for the past 125 years. Since Parker’s beginnings in 1888, they utilized the same formula to manufacture a pens of high quality. From the 18k solid gold nib from France in place to the Lucky Curve created in 1894 to taking over the pen world in 1908, George Parker didn’t monopolize on a niche market, he helped perfect it.


And to celebrate 125 years of greatness, Parker unveiled to Premier Luxury pen models – Premier Luxury Black and Premier Luxury Brown. Crafted with a rhodium finish for the Parker Premier Luxury Black and pink gold flash for the Parker Premier Luxury Brown, the nib decorated with engraved line work reminiscent of the brand’s signature arrow. The Black calls to the person who demands respect without every saying a word, as the Brown stays modern and new age.

Both pens start at $360 for the rollerball up to $525 for the fountain. For more information on Parker, its history, or how to make someone’s holiday special with a Parker pen, visit themonline.