day4‘Tis always the season for beautiful nails! But when we’ve been shopping to we’re dropping, no has time for that. Well now we do with CND VINYLUX.

CND VINYLUX is a 2-part system of color and top coat only. As the color coat is self-adhering it eliminates the need for a base coat and comes with a fasters drying time. After 2 or 3 coats of color, you apply  finish it off with VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat, which becomes stronger over time with natural light exposure. Sort of similar to the UV-light curing, without the device.

But the most amazing part is not only does it COMPLETELY dry in 8.5 minutes, it goes a full 7 days without chipping, can be removed at home, and has the same gloss finish seen on CND Shellac manicures.

I tried this out in a few colors and since I’m prone to chipping, it actually chipped for me after the 3rd – 5th day. Which doesn’t speak poorly of the product for sure, as my nails have completely chipped off after some Cal Gel manicures.


My nails after 1.5 weeks of VINYLUX wear.

STYLECARTEL GIVEAWAY – Show us images of your best nail art and you could be receiving a holiday VINYLUX set in Scarlet Letter, Serene Green and Weekly Top Coat to finish it off. You’ll have until Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 9am EST to enter. Winner will be announced be announced Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 12pm EST. Opportunities to enter will be posted on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram.