I love a Dynasty shoulder as much as the other Joan Collins wannabes out there, but why should the shoulders be the only part to have fun? This season there were many balloon shoulders, but also more structurally puff arms. Forget the skintight, circulation inhibiting arm silhouettes we’ve become accustomed to. It’s time to let those limbs breathe!

While Thom Browne went for all around puffing, cinched waist, that gave homage to fashion not only as an art medium, but the runway spectacular that is very much so remissed, others chose a boxy version of puffage like Philip Lim. But my all time favorite goes to Son Jung Wanthat didn’t go over the top theatrical with her silhouettes. It was more like she was giving women extra room to wear internal layers, breathe, yet still look put together.View More: http://shanaschnur.pass.us/zimmerman