There’s a new way to keep your neck warm this Fall and surprisingly it’s not a scarf. To be honest, how warm do those scarves keep your neck anyway? You’re lucky if they protect you from the 30mph wind chill we’ve sadly become accustomed to, let alone frost bite. But, thanks to fur (and faux fur), we’ll be warmer than an evening under a goose down comforter. Or at least our necks will be.

In February, it was obvious that designers got the weather memo and realized it was time to breathe fresh designs for Fall/Winter. While Herrera, Valvo and Basso chose a more traditional route utilizing the esthetic and design of everyday scarves, to create not-so-everyday scarves.Prabal Gurung – oh that Prabal Gurung – took what seemed like a lightweight throw and wrapped it around the neck. Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen anything of the sort. Is it a new take on the infinity scarf, with reversible versatility? Oy. Whatever it is, this season has me dreaming of new ways to accessorize my neck more so than anything else..