What were you doing October 10 of this year? Nothing? ::wags finger:: Tsk, tsk. Millions of other people, including myself, were out celebrating National Handbag Day with T.J.Maxx orMarshalls. Ok, I’m sure most of them didn’t know it, but it doesn’t matter.

What really matters is that at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls you can unknowingly, or knowingly, participate in such a coveted day without having a limit of options. Whether it be online, or in-store, both retailers are overflowing with the hottest new styles seen on the runways, trusty silhouettes for the everyday use, or one-of-a-kind gems for special occasions – at a fraction of the MSRP. I actually spent early Saturday morning on October 10th shopping T.J.Maxx for a very particular handbag, since it’s a must I replace my current situation. It was pertinent that I didn’t stray from the original look. Of course, that didn’t happen. A black, white, and blue-green, large sack crossbody caught my eye and knew it was meant to be. Running only $29.99 not including tax, I spent another $12.99 on a bright pink wallet… because, you know, I needed it. And though I’ve yet to find the initial sack, this beauty is ideal for weekend jaunts, running errands on the weekend, or when my everyday Mary Poppins bag just doesn’t cut it.

What do you look for when you purchase handbag? Whatever it may be T.J.Maxx and Marshalls have got you covered. Visit them online or stop by your nearest location. Trust be prepared to not leave empty handed.