This is a PSA for every Mommy-to-be out there. If you just found out you’ll be holding a bundle of joy in the months to come, I’m sure many emotions and thoughts ran through you. As time quickly passes, one thing will constantly be on your mind – your wardrobe.

Maternity wear is one of the most consistent industries, but one of the most overlooked. It could be because a woman’s body changes drastically over a period of nine months making it not worthwhile for designers to make that stern commitment to creating collections for every trimester. I’m not defending it, but I’m making sense of it. Which makes total sense! Why hasn’t some genius created a subscription service for pregnant women? You aren’t pregnant for the rest of your life. To be honest, most women aren’t pregnant for even a portion of their thirties! What would make them spend thousands of dollars on clothes that they would probably never wear again? Well, a genius named Christa Floresca has fixed this problem with Bella Gravida.Bella-Gravida-Monthly-Plans

Bella Gravida is the first monthly subscription maternity rental service aimed to help ladies look and feel their best, during and after pregnancy. It provides unlimited access to thousands of pre and postnatal clothing, from top designers, to ensure your always that stylish woman you’re known to be. There are no rental deadlines, no late fees, no confusing (aka misleading) legal agreements – you have control over how many pieces you choose per month.

So here are the deets broken down –

  1. Flat monthly subscription fees range from $39 for one garment at a time to $119 for seven garments at a time. This is not the maximum number of garments in a month; this is the maximum number of garments in your possession at any one time.
  2. The average number of exchanges in a 3-garment plan is 7 per month. So you can have something new to wear every single day! How many other clothing subscriptions can even say that?!
  3. Garments can be kept as long as you want, and returned when you are ready. When one is returned, the next is immediately boxed and shipped. (Free shipping both ways!)
  4. PLUS, Bella Gravida professionally launders/cleans all garments – no need to do the laundry. I mean, you do so much already. Why add more to your plate?
  5. Oh and the designers onboard – there are over two dozen stateside and international designers including Madderson London, Fillyboo, ASOS, and Everly Grey. Sound familiar? That’s because starlets like Halle Berry, Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff, Angelina Jolie have been known to rock them when they were expecting.

Remember with the holiday season near and baby showers a weekly occurrence, Bella Gravida makes a great gift for expecting mums. We always purchase things needed for the baby, but what about the woman carrying a human being inside them to term. THEY deserve pressies too!

For more information or to sign up today, visit