The-Face-AU-HeadshotNaomi is a beautiful actress. Underrated in my mind,” said co-creator and executive producer Lee Daniels. “She will be wonderful as Camilla. I am truly thrilled to have one of my close friends join us.

Like most people, the idea of a celebrity having a multi-hyphenate title causes my eyebrow to raise in doubt. The idea of being an actress-designer-perfumer-lion tamer is all the rage it seems and just about anyone can don a cap and we are expected to suspend belief at the train wreck before us. One person we would expect to be great in their original career and ‘blah’ in subsequent forays into other entertainment realms is like Naomi Campbell. Not only is she one of the original Supermodels that graced the catwalks in the 90s (to be fair, she outlasted the others and still owns it) she’s also a producer, a dancer, actress, humanitarian…and this is just a brief overview.

Once the shock of seeing Naomi Campbell acting on screen wears off, you see she melts into her role. Yes, you go through ‘Is that…Naomi…?’ for a second before you just see the character. She’s got great timing and her delivery is natural; that’s why I’m excited about her role on‘Empire’. The concept is great and I get the feeling there are more than a few real-life parallels to be drawn but it’s Naomi that’s going to pull me (and many others) in for at least the first few episodes.

“It’s an honor to follow in the footsteps of actresses like Halle Berry, Oprah, Gabourey Sidibe and Mo’Nique, and work withLee Daniels. I’m looking forward to joining Lee and this amazing cast on set,” said Naomi Campbell.

Don’t worry Madame Campbell, we’ll be watching and live tweeting all throughout.

Written by Angela E.