ELLIS-FAAS-Ellis-Holders-H101-Holder-Classic-CMakeup for me is like a kid in a candy shop being told they can get whatever they want. Honestly, I have the hardest time discarding expired products and recently did a purge of items I’ve had for almost 3 years. That’s why, when I heard about ELLIS FAAS, I had to try them out.

Let me give a bit of history about Faas. She was coined “one of the most influential make-up artists of her time,” by VOGUE Paris. Her work has been seen through Lancôme, MAC Cosmetics, and Clinique. Faas has worked alongside Mario Testino and Karl Lagerfeld, before starting her own collection. A collection that showcases a theatrical and artistic side of makeup that mass production has diluted over the years.

Relatively new, the official launch date is a bit blurry, ELLIS FAAS could become the only collection you’ll ever need. Providing foundation and skin veil shades for almost every complexion, there’s something here for almost everyone. And I say that because of this. They are still working out the proper shading for darker tones, and don’t use this as anyway to begrudge them, as that’s the ONLY quip I have about the collection.


First of all, it comes in the smartest portable holder that can hold up to 7 of your must have items, can be easily interchanged for day to evening, and comes with a mirror for guided application. All applications come in a tube like structure for twist off capabilities, allowing you to decipher how much you want on your sponge. And for those environmentally conscious type, most color tubes are refillable so nothing really goes to waste.

PLUS, oh em gee, this is a HUGE plus… you know how everyone woman is looking for that perfect shade of red, but can never find it. Well ELLIS RED, swears by the universal shade entitled “ I’ve tried it, and when I wear it, I get insane compliments. Here are two photos of me sporting the shade on two separate occasions.”.

looks currently available

Now, the best way to go about choosing the items best for you. Go online. Look at the different online, and choose what you want to recreate. Play around. Discover what you like and dislike, then add what you think is missing from your repertoire. Makeup should be fun when used, not nerve-wracking. ELLIS FAAS has truly revitalized this feeling.

For more information on ELLIS FAAS, their looks and the ELLIS RED I’ve been telling everyone about, please visit them ELLIS FAAS – The only red is Ellis Red.

ELLISFAAS from Vimeo on Vimeo.