Katya Leonovich, a womenswear designer and artist from Moscow, brought her fine art talents and painted a collection with warm hues reminiscent of Spring. Mauveine, salmon pink and various shades of charcoal gray brought to life her billowing collection. Having presented a total of 7 times in Paris – 4 in couture, 3 RTW – Katya has been gracing New York with her talents since 2011.

1.      Tell us a bit about your history in fashion.
I established my trademark in Europe and had 4 Couture & RTW in Paris. I opened my NYC creative studio 3 years ago.

2.      What’s the inspiration behind your collections?
Collections, Art, Music, Movies and my lifestyle.

3.      How does this collection differentiate from the last? Or what sort of message, if any, were you trying to convey that you refrained from portraying in the past? A sense of maturity, artistic influence, etc.

The difference is color. The collection before the last was more blue and this collection was more colorful for spring summer 2014. It was still for the elegant woman.

4.      Are there any collaborations in the future? What’s next on the bucket list of fashion stardom are you looking to cross off with you brand?
To collaborate with LVMH in the future.

5.      What separates you from the other brands out now? What is lacking in the industry that you feel you are concentrating on?
My vision in fabric design, patterns and a deepness in my prints, texture, handpainting and mix of materials.

6.  How do you feel about celeb designers, when trained designers like you, study the art and hone the skills?

I appreciate the feeling of their own style while performing but it’s not like they are making a statement in new trends, new forms or new direction. They promote fashion but they are not really bringing anything to the future of Fashion.