amj_Temperley-LondonRococo, or Late Baroque, is an 18th century style and art movement where Baroque style became more asymmetrical, lightly colored and delicate. Still using filigree and pearls as visual guide, Baroque differed in look and feel due to its grandeur of golds and ornate designs that had begun in Rome. Many of the architectural styles of that time show the Baroque style more so than Rococo, as Rococo was soon taken over by neoclassic.

But I like over the top patterns of both artistic eras. Prominently seen on Italian print designs, it was interesting to see them out and about during London Fashion Week. Emilia Wicksteadwent more for Rococo with her iridescent pastels, while Paul Smith went modern Baroque utilizing rose and indigo. And it was none of that small blocked off sections of the art, but full collection pieces projecting the beauty of the century’s old style.