Tell us about the inspiration behind your Crocs collection.
Yeah, so these are iconic prints, or you can say iconic moments from Project Runway Season 8 and All-Stars. Then moving forward this one was from season 8, a dress that I designed for my final collection. It was also a dress Heidi Klum ended up wearing after the show. This is a dress I designed for [Project Runway] All-Stars for a challenge that I won. The geometric print is a design that I created for my eyewear collection – See Eyewear. So yeah, that’s really the inspiration..

Are there any silhouettes you’ll be adding to the collection?
Rainboots are definitely one. I mean I don’t want to say too much because if the dream doesn’t come true, I’ll feel like a failure (laughs). Yes, it’s a very fun, exciting venture and I think it’s going to be very successful.

What from Project Runway did you bring here besides the prints?
I think that understanding of what people that are fans of me what, recognize and like. That goes through each collection. I always feel throughout my designs, and I’ve always been aware of it, I always try to apply a moment of my personal life. So there’s a lot of truth and honest in my work. I feel like I tell a story within each design without having to tell a commentary. Within these stories and these designs, there is power. Individuals that might not be used to color or print, haven’t taken the chance. I think it’s important to allow yourself to feel that.

So what would your biggest takeaway from Project Runway would be?
For me personally, it goes back to what we were talking about. It took being able to show my work in front of these experts and a mentor like Tim Gunn, and allow myself to respect my own work. It was really misunderstood, people didn’t really get it. But it wasn’t until this panel of judges were really validating what I was doing. That’s really what allowed me to grow and put myself out there.

How is it with Tim Gunn? He always seems so mellow.
Yeah, he is pretty mellow. Did you see him on The Soup last night? It was hilarious. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he’s doing this.” He’s cool. He’s a very down-to-earth guy. I can’t imagine how many people recognize him. But he still takes the subway. He comes to set with his suit and steams them himself. He’s not a diva at all. He’s very humble and approachable, but just like everybody else, he likes his alone time and I doubly respect that.

Are there any other collaborations you have in the works?
Right now there’s the Crocs collaboration. I also have a collaboration with See Eyewear that came out in October. With them I’m working on my second collection that’s due for Fall/Winter, and I’m really loving that one. Then my personal site,, we’re working on a capsule collection right now. It’s an expanded collection. This collection is going to be black, and black, and black. I’ll be experimenting with the ideas of print but through textures, 3-dimensional outlets. Beyond that, I’m still the spokesperson for HIV/AIDS education. I have two campaigns. One is called I Design and it is the 3rd year in this particular campaign. Then there’s Dining Out For Life with Subaru that it’s my 2nd year. There’s definitely crossover with my work. Whether it’s sharing my story or giving back to an organization I feel strongly about.