Othello-PhotoSuzy Kellems Dominik, founder of Of Wit & Will presents an exclusive look into Louis Vuitton’s new cultural space and exhibit, “Where Should Othello Go?” in Venice, Italy. The exhibition focuses on works by Pompeo Marino Molmenti, an Italian painter known for historical pieces, which have been restored through the backing of Louis Vuitton.

Kellems Dominik gives us a brief glimpse into the show with the guidance of Anne-Catherine Grimal, Vice President of Art and Culture in Europe & the Americas for Louis Vuitton. “I was thrilled to interview Anne-Catherine Grimal, vice president, art & culture, Europe & Americas for Louis Vuitton. Her insight and passion for Tony Oursler’s translation of this legendary classic reveals the depth and distinctiveness of Louis Vuitton’s commitment to art,” comments Kellems Dominik, who is currently in Venice to report on emerging trends in art and fashion.

Coinciding with the opening of the 55th edition of the Biennale Internationale of Contemporary Art in Venice – June 1 to November 24, 2013 –  the project was conceived byAdrien Goetz, a Modern Art historian, and curated by Hervé Mikaleoff.