Cannes Film Festival is the official start to everything stylish, chic and luxurious during the Summer. It’s like being released for Summer Break with parties, events and “faire la bise” with the hottest celebs, like Eva Longoria, already sketched out in your planner. This year besides the beautiful dresses, celebs donned hairstyles we all wanted to replicate. Ricardo Rojas, Eva’s go to guy for Cannes, gave us the how-to on recreating her half-up, half-down pompadour.

Products Needed –

Step-by-step Instructions –

  1. Start by blow drying and setting your hair with L’Oreal’s Satin Hold spray to give hair “extra holding power.”
  2. Divide you hair into two, adding some tease to the top in order to create the “pompadour” effect.
  3. Next bring the two pieces of separated hair along the sides into a taut ponytail, leaving the rest to hang loose     down back
  4. Make any simple adjustment with invisible pins and voila!


Rojas said the main thing about the style was keeping the hair on the sides of her head very clean and uniformed, so that the “Line of the Look” matched her neckline. He described it as “a very sleek, chic do for the balmy weather conditions of Cannes.” Plus Eva’s look held up all through the night as she partied at the official after party at Nikki Beach.”