I love technology. The only thing I love more than tech is probably technological accessories. I’m sort of a nerd that way. It’s interesting to see how tech companies and their accessories distributors try to appease the ever wanting market.

For instance, all these high-tech headphones that emulate the sound of a recording studio, are noise canceling, and happened to be diamond encrusted are ridiculous. I’ve already been in a recording studio, and actually don’t like the sound. Give me something simple, pretty, and well-designed allowing me to hear an ambulance as well as looking cool while on the subway. Give me Happy Plugs, dammit!

Happy Plugs, a new mobile accessories brand created around the concept of color, thought outside the box when founded in Stockholm in 2011. Living in a society where everything islifestyle, they opted for a more innovative idea by asking “What Color Are You Today?” Today I’m feeling greyish-blue, but by the afternoon, I can be feeling yellow, pink or an orange-red. And that’s what I like about them. I’m able to customize my mobile accessories based on my feeling, which we already sort of do.Happy-Plugs-in-Cerise-and-Gold

How often do you stand in front of your closet looking at a landscape of outfits, never being able to pick the one that calls to you? Pick the wrong one, and it can ruin your evening. By adding new and fresh colors every season, like we do in our wardrobe, Happy Plugs offers endless possibilities with color personality. It’s sort of the colorful way to hear sound.

Currently available in mobile cases, and earbuds and headphone earbuds with microphone and built-in remote capabilites, everything from your tablet to your mp3 player can be jazzed up in colors like pink, cerise, yellow or gold. Or go for the simple all black everything – we won’t judge.