kaufmann1It’s summer time, but with how fickle the weather has been, you’d be sure it’s monsoon season. You know the time where all you sport are rainboots to slosh around with as there’s more rain than sun. But with how the weather currently is in New York, that little instant of sunshine is the only opportune moment to show-off that fresh coral pedicure. That’s why I love the Kaufmann Mercantile foldable wellies.

Inspired by the Japanese rice farmers, these wellies are some of the most durable and comfortable around. Made in Hokkaido, each boot is sealed in a pressurized chamber and heated to 130°F to bond all seams ensuring no holes for leakage. Equipped with an elastic band and an ability to take up less space than a pair of ballet flats, one can simply wipe down their boots, fold them up and switch into their favorite Choos for dinner. Voila!

Currently only available in black, hopefully more colors will be coming shortly, I recommend you order a size up. When I received mine, they were a bit snug, but that little bit of room would have made all the difference. I also wore mine with tights and thick socks and never felt my feet slip on the inside.