BEAUTYReviewBona11Everyone’s skin is not created equal and as you age, your go to secrets from your 20s won’t always crossover to your 30s or 40s or 50s.

Bona Clara, a brand cultivate only 3 years ago set out to create formulas, not by skin type, but by age bracket. Understanding that age is the most main factor on what your skin needs the started a following of like-minded Bona Clara lovers with their innovative brand. Recently, while in Pittsburgh for Pride, I risked it all and brought only my BC products with me. To really test out their theory, I had to dive head first and risk a breakout.

My thoughts? Well, I loved their Hello, Sunshine! Universal Fluid SPF 29 and 20s Scrub. I never wear sunscreen and not matter how many photos of sun damaged skin these daytime talk shows show me, it never convinces me to start. I use(d) it every day and since it is so lightweight, it didn’t feel heavy or sticky. Plus my face felt like I’d given her a daily milk bath – smooth and silky. As for the 20s Scrub… it gently, scrubbed away my skins daily impurities without being abrasive.

Bona Clara collections can be bought as a set or a la carte, based on your personal needs. Currently available online, or through a brand representative, Bona Clara is perfect for the lady who wants to maintain her beauty as she ages without the major fuss of trial and error.