Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I’ve been slacking with the help posts which mean only one thing – I’ve been slipping. It’s just been a heavy few weeks, but I’m back and ready to conquer the world. Remember from my last post, we discussed Brad Gansberg and the 5k in 100 days program? Well, it’s begun. Monday, February 25th was my first official day of training. I say official because I tried starting the week before, without following Brad’s advice on buying the proper shoes, and I hated every second of it. Then I decided that obviously, he’s expressing the importance for my gain as well, so I might as well follow along.

Let me tell you about the shoe shopping first. I like pretty things. My favorite color is pink, and I was never that person to purchase products without thinking of aesthetics first. At the New York Running Company, where I purchased my beginner’s basics, it was filled with shoes with more colors than the rainbow. It was like Candyland in real life, minus the candy.


Anyway, they measured my feet, fitted me in the proper socks, and had me get on a treadmill to run. In the store. In front of other customers. I had to run. Honestly, I’m very self-conscious and probably more critical of myself than any other person I’ve crossed paths with, so running in front of 5 or 6 people is like auditioning in front of Oscar nominees; you want to suddenly fall sick, projectile vomit and be allowed to round 2 purely out of pity. But I had to dismiss this mindset, because if I’m to run in the park, my main concern needed to be more about safety and less about what Johnny IDon’tKnowHisName thinks.

So after everything I was fitted for the right pair of running shoes. The downside, they aren’t cute. WOMP! The amazing side, is that they hug and support my feet better than any other shoe has.Shoes-1

Now more about Brad’s program. It’s been 3 runs now, following all his instructions and I feel good. I want to do more, but it’s teaching me some sort of discipline of taking things step-by-step. Something I’ve never really been forced do. So before you begin your week 1 of running with Brad, please, please, please follow whatever he says. You may KNOW your body better than anyone else, but Brad also understands what you’ve been doing incorrectly for so long and wants to ensure this becomes something you enjoy, not an obligation.

For more information about Brad Gansberg and his program, visit his site or checkout hisFacebook for words of inspiration. As for the New York Running Company – there are many similar places around New York City, nationally and internationally that offer the same services. Just make sure the sales people want to help you more than they want to make a sale.