For the last month I’ve been using HUM supplements during my 5K training. I’ve taken supplements in the past and the biggest issue was that I never knew which one was best for me. HUM Nutrition took all the guess work out of that with my personal nutritionist introducing me to 3 daily supplements best fit for my ultimate and lifestyle.

No. I didn’t get special treatment because I’m an editor on StyelCartel, everyone who joinsHUM Nutrition gets the same perks including an assigned personal nutritionist, a personalized report and supplement recommendation, plus occasional emails with coupons and health tips to keep you on whatever track you’re on.

Founded by Chris Coleridge and Walter Faulstroh, these two worked closely with Professors Carl Keen and Robert Hackman of UC Davis to create a product that’s appealing to all with names like “Gut Instinct” and “Skinny Bird’, delivered straight to your door, and delivers healthy results without damaging the body.

“Our consumers tend to be smart and successful people who love the personal attention and convenience of HUM. We help them to stay on top of their health, and they no longer risk taking the wrong supplements or wasting money on supplements that simply don’t work,” said Chris Coleridge and Walter Faulstroh.

HUM Nutrition is currently available in the US only and comes with a $20 OFF discount on personalized supplements. Yet again, should you really put a price tag on your health?