IMGP0101 Located just a couple of blocks from Frankfurt’s central train station, Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof, is the 50 room, boutique hotel – The Pure. A pristine white covering the walls and flowing on to the art work spelling “Heimat”, on the floor, The Pure is anything but pure. Innately infused with a professional yet sexy persona, The Pure welcomes guest from the business banking world to the artsy fartsy  personalities we grown to love.

Decorated by renowned artist and German native, Stefan Strumbel (best known for his Strumbel Graffiti murals) the common are resembles a white, minimalist scene out of Donnie Darko. Though similar in style to an art gallery with the all-white everything, upon closer inspection you’ll notice the accents that make this hotel so special. Spanning from personal definitions of “What the #$*! Is Heimat ?” (heimat is “home”) in English, the welcome drink you receive upon check-in, to the outside area with its own mini-fountain surrounded by greenery creating your oasis away from home, it’s indisputable the sort of care and detail that was taken to ensure no hospitality stone was left unturned.


IMGP0063Filling up just three floors rests 50 single, king sized bedrooms or double twin sized bedrooms equipped with state of the art flat screen televisions, Sonoro iPod docking stations that acts as a charger and alarm clock, individually controlled air conditioning and heating units, and my favorite, the adjustable shower head. You know… the perfect bathroom accoutrement for us short people. Plus showcased atop your desk are guides of the neighborhood and reading material including Lust Auf Gut, GQ and VOGUE. An added bonus to every fashion aficionado and art lover staying a few nights.

Take the elevator a couple floors down and descent into an aesthetically pleasing and functional use of space – the sauna and fitness area. Equipped with stationary bikes, a tread mill, step machine and free weights, one can maintain their workout regimen (or start one) in a privately maintained area for guests only. And for those who insist on a steam room/sauna moment to detox themselves after an intense session, or for those love birds who want a steamy moment, mosey on over to the sauna, hand the “Do Not Disturb” tag and enjoy.

Proud member of Design Hotels (TM), The Pure offers guests a vast array of morning eats at their breakfast buffet, reception service that offers solutions for every request, and a staff so knowledgeable on the city, whether you’ve come for business, pleasure, or both, they’ll provide a variety of options for every lifestyle.

Photos taken with Ricoh’s PENTAX K-50.