BEAUTYReviewSilk1I Love Aquage. I don’t love many things. I like a lot of things. I dislike even more. But, I love Aquage. Some weeks ago, I attended a preview with Aquage Co-Founder, Luis Alvarez. While he was speaking all I thought was, “Here’s another product for the Caucasian hair market,” even when an au natural editor, in the room, swore by one of the collection pieces. Though being a sister, I still was not convinced. She had visibly soft curls and ringlets for days, so many products on the market would work for her. But it was when Luis used the word “press” that I held on to his every word thereafter.

He told us how Aquage is line of comprised of custom blended ingredients (which happens to be a very important aspect of hair care that larger brands choose to shy away from discussing), what items we should use dependent on our hair, and even products from the Aquage collection that we (again, dependent on our hair type) shouldn’t dare touch. From there he demonstrated different styles using the line and a few hair pins that took less than 15 minutes.

Now back to my hair. I had just taken out my summer braids and made a decision to stop getting relaxers, but still wanted to press my hair. He instructed me on what products to use and how to use them, before sending me on my way.

The result? First of all, the shampoo smells amazing. It reminds me of what I think Tom Ford would smell like – homey, clean with a dash sexy. The other products smell great as well, but something happens when you bring that shampoo to a rich lather, that doesn’t happens with the rest. I digress. After following everything he said, taking my time with the pressing process and using the products in a certain sequence, my hair came out bouncy and full of life. No part of my hair was burned from the excess heat, plus I didn’t have to go over the sections several times with the flatiron, like I’ve been used to doing in the past. BUT, the true moment I knew that Aquage was the real deal was when I saw how straight my roots were. Honestly, I’ve only seen this happen with relaxers and Aquage provided the service with none of the damage. WINNER!

For more information about Aquage, where to buy or the MUSE CD of hairstyles you can do at home, visit their website.