For the past 6 weeks, I’ve hopped from city to city checking out the coolest hotels, best restaurants and most amazing museums the world has to offer. My count so far is 14 cities and 10 countries. But throughout all this traveling, there hasn’t been a hotel like The Nomad. Honestly.

From its location you’d never know the gem that hides inside. Located North of Madison Square Park, hence the name, smack down in the hustle and bustle of wholesalers, you’ll find The Nomad.  A dark, intimate space garnished with old aristocratic charm. Pass the lobby, ignore the beautiful open atrium bringing in all the light the first level possibly needs, and enter the library dining area.


Designed like a real library from la Belle Époque, walls are filled with old classics and staircase leading to a banister. As tempted as you may be, don’t try climbing as it’s strictly prohibited. Enjoy a night cap at the bar or watch the creation of fresh bread take place in their well-maintained gentlemenesque area referred to as The Parlour, where walls have individually framed and pressed horticulture from Deyrolle.

From there retreat to your personal Parisian abode. Accented with jacquard, velvet or leather, each room evokes the energy of past American writers scribbling away the next great American. Separated by ornately designed panel dividers, wash away the day as the New York skyline lights up your room.


Unlike most hotels in the vicinity, the Nomad welcomes a more eclectic mix of real New York City shopping. From high-end to back door, you’ll find everything necessary for a real trip to the Big Apple. And with Maison Kitsuné right next door, you’ll never be short of things to wear.

You’ll be surrounded by Persian rugs, mahogany, porcelain, one of a kind eats and a staff that not only understands, but respects discretion. Not to say that other hotels in the city haven’t yet honed this concept, but The Nomad is one of the few I’ve been to that has it perfected. Like we all know, not every hotel is for everyone, but when you find the one, you never want to leave.

For more information on The Nomad, visit them online.