I’m what you would call a temporary hoarder. I accumulate items over time until one day I can’t take the clutter and pack it all up to donate. The thing about it is a few months later my room is back to where it was earlier. And I blame the space, or lack thereof, that Manhattan offers. Seriously, one of my first apartments was so small that I had to sit on my bed for another party to enter. The most absurd part was that my share was the cheapest at $1,200 a month (not including cable, internet and utilities). Anyway, ever since this experience, I’ve continued this mission to find different ways to make the most of your space.

VersonelVersonel Smart Loft Converter – this thing may be the most genius, cost smart option to maximizing that under bed space. The loft converter takes your ordinary twin or full size bed with maybe a foot of under storage, and transforms it into your own private nook with four or more feet below. It’s a great place to store extras that don’t fit into your closet, meditate before you start your day, or turn in to your home office with a desk and small seating. It’s like having a mini storage at no additional monthly fee. My only gripe is you may want to bribe a friend to help you put it together. Doing it alone is no fun whatsoever, BUT it is doable. Also, being a visual person, it’s important to see exactly where each bolt and screw should go or have the instructions be in such layman terms a newborn could figure it out. It wasn’t like that, but I requested clearer photos and their team was more than happy to provide them. bianca-green-her-daily-motivation-desk-lifestyle

  1. Deny Designs desk – No desks are made equal, obvi, but apparently if you want something unique, you have to either make it yourself or shell out thousands to have it custom made – neither of which I am willing to do. Deny Designs in Colorado have these really simple yet cool eco-friendly amber bamboo wood desks that are perfect for minimal spaces. Due to the steel hairpin legs, you can slide not-in-use items underneath for later, and swing your legs from side-to-side without the restriction of a useless drawer that can’t open unless pushed out to open space (remember you’re in an NYC apartment here). Plus, the aluminum top (that comes in nearly 10,000 designs) doubles as a dry erase board. So feel free to jot down those ideas future Fortune 100 CEO.