“There is nothing as inspiring as the work of Naeem Khan, especially in his bridal collections…I complemented his idyllic beadwork with a demure roped chignon – reminiscent of a flower in bloom. The natural backswept style also provides the perfect frame for the seashell crowns seen throughout the show.

– Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Ambassador for Davines and Lead Stylist

Products needed:
Davines More Inside This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse
Large round brush
Davines More Inside This Is A Medium Hold Hairspray
Elastic ties
Davines More Inside This Is A Texturizing Dust
Bobby pins

Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Prep hair by applying a generous amount of Davines More Inside This is A Volume Boosting Mousse onto fingertips. Distribute thoroughly from roots to ends, keeping hair smooth and in place.
  2. Section hair evenly from ear to ear, creating front and back sections.
  3. Using a blow dryer and large round brush, work to create subtle volume and bounce at the crown and top of the head by blowing hair up and away from the face.
  4. Once dry, use fingers to sweep the hair into a layered ponytail, securing with an elastic tie directly under the occipital bone.
  5. Tightly twist into a low bun at the nape of the neck, fasten with pins.
  6. Use weft extensions to create two tight twists. Twist these two extension wefts together, creating a “rope braid.”*
  7. Wrap rope braid around bun to create an elegant flowerlike shape and pin securely.*
  8. Using fingertips, customize the braid shape by applying Davines More Inside This Is A Texturizing Dust to hands and massaging for additional structural support and texture expansion.
  9. Finish by applying Davines More Inside This Is A Medium Hold Hair Spray for all over for shine and hold.
*At-home: Following step 4, separate ponytail into two smaller sections and tightly twist each, securing with two small elastics. Wrap into a rope braid and fasten to head with bobby pins in the same fashion. 
Photo credit Davines North America