ResultsA few weeks back, we took a tour of the LISTERINE® Brand Lab. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it’s LISTERINE®, but did hope to get their top secret ingredient that makes them the #1 brand amongst dentist and hygienists. But I didn’t. What I did find out though, was more important and life changing than expected.

During our tour, as we pretended to be scientists for a day, or at least just dress like one, we were taken to areas that others will never be permitted to go; allowing us to see and smell some very interesting experiments in the odor chamber and bacteria incubator. Now, as we all know, brushing our teeth is to occur twice a day and flossing. But many of us cut out the flossing and scale back to one brush a day, thinking it’s sufficient – and it’s not. Yet, there are others who do brushing and flossing, but don’t realize there is bacteria still left behind that can cause gingivitis, bad breath and plaque.

So to show us the importance of rinsing, specifically with LISTERINE®, they did a saliva sample test. Providing 3 tubes, we were to spit saliva from our pre-brushed mouth, (mind you, our mouth was tainted from the yummy morning goodness given), saliva from our brushed mouth, and then saliva from our post rinsed mouth. These are my results.

Astonishing, right? For more information on LISTERINE ® including the company and where to purchase, visit them online.