MOSHI Dulcia – There’s a lot of technology verbiage matched with the Dulcia that I don’t understand, but a friend is a huge headphone lover and he got it. So for those out there that are, this will be speaking your language. Sorry I can’t translate. HA! Dulcia has an “anodized aluminum body” and “DR6 Neodymium drivers” that delivers a rich sound. For fashion lovers that correlate colors to the description “rich” I’d describe the sound as a deep indigo blue on velvet.

It’s slim design and silicone ear tips block out external noises without sound seeping out. I will say, my canals are small, and they didn’t fit my ears, which is bizarre as most other ear tips do. There’s a burn-in app that aids in the expedition in music sounding the way it should, but my all time favorite part is the carry pouch.

Since Dulcia is a flat-cable it’s virtually tangle-free, but to ensure it’s never knotted, the carrying pouch stores your buds so they don’t get lost at the bottom of your purse and pick up those blueberry muffin crumbs from three weeks back. I know it sounds silly, but the moment you try it, you’ll ask why you’ve gone so long without it!



SKULLCANDY Knockout – Don’t judge me, but I like the Knockout primarily because of its beautiful print and design. Nothing is more boring than wearing the same white or black headphones as everyone else. I get that the sound quality is like being in a studio with the one and only D-R-E, but do I buy shoes because Sarah Jessica Parker wears them… NO?!

Not to say it was crafted solely for style. Knockout breaks down to a fraction of the size for easy portability. It has female specific tuning built-in to produce a cleaner, deeper bass with all around natural vocals. Plus it has that 3-button mic system where you can answer calls, and control your music with play, pause, skipping tracks, and so on.






B & O PLAY Form 2i – Form 2 was designed in 1983 by Steve McGuan at the young age of 23 and by 1992 his work was added to the permanent collection at the MoMA. Being the longest living headphone in the world it only makes sense that they re-craft their performance to adhere to the modern ear. And so we bring you, Form 2i.

With out the frills I typically enjoy, Form 2i brings you a sleek, cool design in variable colors that’s lightweight and offers a comfortable fit. As for the sound, it comes to you the way the artist wanted you to hear it. None of that extra over-emphasized bass you hear when passing by candy painted, low-riders.