Kohl’s stores launched exclusive Gaiam women’s apparel collection featuring wellness advocates, Laura Kasperzak and Masumi Goldman of Two Fit Moms. Designed to adhere to the performance and stylistic points of both fitness and life, the collection offers yoga specific fabrications in hoodies, dresses, skirts, bras, leggings and more, for under $75. Recently, Two Fit Moms hosted an outdoor yoga session with actress Vanessa Hudgens, celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson, all DJ’d by Hannah Bronfman in celebration of this collaboration.Werecently, chatted with these busy mothers  to learn more about fitness, fashion, and how they keep it all together.

Was fitness always a part of your life, or was it something that you learned to love later on?
LK: Fitness was always a part of my life.  I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old, then moved onto competition cheerleading in my teens and then weight training and yoga around the age of 19. I always love how I feel after a workout — strong and confident!

Prioritizing time to stay fit seems like the first thing to be put on the backboard in life, what tips do you have for others to ensure it’s a priority rather than an obligation?
MG: Make an appointment with yourself each day in the same way that you’d schedule an appointment to meet a doctor.  Put it on your calendar.  Put it at the top of your to-do list. Prioritize your exercise time as a non-negotiable event.  If you’re going to have a daily appointment with yourself to get fit, make sure you find physical activities that bring you joy and don’t feel burdensome.  Find a fitness partner or maybe just an accountability partner that you can check in with each day for motivation.  Try new classes, learn a new skill, or maybe take your fitness routine to a local park and enjoy some fresh air.  There are so many ways to keep your exercise routine fresh and fun.  Keep exploring!

Tell us about the collection at Kohl’s and how it differs from other activewear.
LK: The Gaiam collection at Kohl’s is amazing in that it was created with every woman in mind. It hugs the body where it is needed and is loose and slimming in other areas… making it extremely flattering for any body type! It’s perfect from studio to street, and most importantly, it is affordable.

Are there key elements that were a must for each piece? What are they?
MG: Our goal in helping with the design of the Kohl’s Gaiam collection was to ensure that women felt comfortable and confident in each piece of clothing.  We wanted to see a clothing line that was versatile and could be worn from studio to street.  And of course, we wanted to help create a clothing line that would look great on many different body types.  We suggested wide waistbands for all of the leggings rather than thin elastic bands that have a tendency to cut into the skin.  We also asked for lots of flowy fabrics that skim the body in a flattering way, and interesting patterns and colors for the leggings.

What is your mantra for motivation?
LK: Our mantra at Two Fit Moms is — it’s never too late.  This is an excerpt from a quote from George Eliot — “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” We truly believe that you can be and do whatever you want at any stage in life.  We want to encourage everyone — but especially women — that they can be healthy and happy and fit.  It’s never too late to realize your wellness and fitness goals.

Another mantra that I truly embrace is: The difference between a master and a beginner is that the master has FAILED more times than the beginner has even TRIED. You just have to continue to try, try, try…