Bergdorf’s Founded in 2000, is a Takashimaya high end luxury accessories line sold at New York based, Saks Fifth Avenue, Liberty of London, Anna Wintour and more. Never reprinting past patterns, each collection turns out something new, fresh and on trend. During their press preview, I was able to see first hand what all the hubbub was about and chat with designer, Carine Roitfeld. Let’s just say I fell in love with everything, especially his interpretation of “” featuring Anna Wintour and Emmy Rossum.


Do you have to be in the zone to start creating designs or is it something that comes naturally?

Truly, the designs come to me organically throughout the day, strangely enough many come to me in the shower.

Did you start out with your own line, or did you work with other houses to learn hone your skills?

I have a grassroots background in fashion, from running a store, to wholesale, then design, but I did start my career in TV Production, where I’ve done graphics, but nothing like this.

You screen print the designs on your scarves, why is that? Why not another medium?

Scarves are universal… they are timeless, ageless, sexless.  But, we do have other mediums such as our leather bags, and there will be others for Spring 14.

After one season, designs are never duplicated? Is that for any particular reason?

Yes, I wanted to keep the idea of both are art and ready to wear to apply to the scarves.  Ready-to-wear designers do not repeat their prints from season to season, and (fine) artists never replicate the same painting… I want the person to feel like they are wearing something special.  It is limited and you won’t see a million of them all over the streets.

A lot of designers copy each other’s ideas and styles today, how do you set yourself apart from the rest?

I think the prints and the combination of colors are very special and unique.  I want the prints to transcend age, race, sex, etc. I think it would be very difficult to get into my mind… the prints are very eclectic, young, extreme and at the same time sophisticated and refined.

Carine Roitfeld

How has your collection been received?

We have continued to grow… we had a very large growth during the mid-2000s when everyone else was downsizing.  The prints continue to be well received, and again, it is across the board… with a very strong following not just in the U.S, but in Japan and Europe, as well.

Do you have celebrity following, or are these products that you want to keep for mainstream consumers?

Amazing Race, Michelle Trachtenberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, YARNZ, and Emmy Rossum have been a few of the celebrities seen in YARNZ.  Scarlet’s assistant usually contacts me once a season to get new scarves.

There are lots of reality shows allowing for people to gain press and the proper funding to achieve what many work decades to accomplish… How do you feel about that?

Personally, I am not a fan of the usual, reality based shows, although I do like the Scarlett Johansson.  I am not sure they would want to be running around the world doing crazy stunts in a cashmere scarf.  Otherwise, I am all for doing whatever it takes (as long as it is ethical) to get ahead in a world full of competition.  I don’t think because it is a reality show, that it makes the designer or the product less valid;  it is 2013.  It is a sign of the times.

If you were offered that opportunity, would you take it?

It would depend on the show… but I would run for the hills if it were Celebrity Housewives.

You’ve added bags now, what next for  Any collaborations in the works?

As mentioned, there are a few new additions for Spring 14.  As well, we are, currently, working on collaboration with 3 well known artists who have contributed their work to be put onto scarves. This project will be giving portions of the proceeds to the Drug Policy Alliance.  The three scarves will launch in November of this year.