Aso Damisi pronounced (ah-SHAW DAH-me-see) a fashion line by sisters, Latifat and Moriamo. Originally from Nigeria, a country rich in culture, fashion and natural resources other countries fight for, the duo brought along the vibrant colors and patterns notoriously fashioned on many African women. Self-taught designers, their philosophy is to create silhouettes that women of all ages and shapes would not only feel beautiful wearing, but confident with every step taken.

How did you start in fashion industry?

Tifa:  We have always designed for ourselves since we were young.  About 3 years ago, after working in the retail industry for several years, the idea of starting a clothing line emerged.

Did you start out with your own line, or did you work with other houses to learn hone your skills?

Tifa:  My sister and I started with our own line, but we worked with experienced seamstresses and pattern makers.  I know how to sew, and I focus on the creative side of our company while my sister Mo focuses on sales and marketing.

Do you have to be in the zone to start creating designs or is it something that comes naturally

Tifa: It depends.  Some silhouettes came naturally; while others were inspired by things, people, and places visited.

A lot of designers copy each others ideas and styles today, how do you set yourself apart from the rest?

Mo: Our prints set us aside from the rest.  Each season, we pick unique and vibrant prints couple with sophisticated silhouettes to make a statement.


How has your collection been received?

Mo: We have had a great response.  We have sold wholesale to a number of boutiques.  We sell directly on our website and at trunkshows.  Also, we are a part of a designer Co-Opboutique in Philadelphia where we sell directly to customers.

Do you have celebrity following, or are these products that you want to keep for mainstream consumers?

Mo:  Our products are for any woman who is fashion forward, aims to stand out in a crowd, and also embraces different cultures.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Tifa:  Our line is inspired by our origin and places we have visited.  Our company aims to always offer bold and unique prints.  Each season, you can expect us to offer a rich selection of bold and colorful prints.

You’re a part of the Macy’s Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, how did that get started?

Tifa:  Macy’s Center City partners with City of Philadelphia and some local schools to incubate a group of local designers for a year.  We applied for the inaugural class last year, got called for an interview to present our work to the board, and we got selected.

How is it going working with such a large company?

Mo: Macy’s sponsored the program by donating a work studio space inside of their Center City Philadelphia location.  The program gave us major exposure and amazing contacts in the fashion industry.  We were able to learn how to build and operate a sustainable business.

Do you see yourself adding accessories to the  mix or do you want to focus on apparel?

Tifa:  We have tested some accessories in the past.  We are currently focusing on apparel.  However, we plan to introduce an accessories line in the nearest future.