Too late Mattel, Elle & Cee World Girls are doing what you should have done years ago – breaking down the walls society built for women one doll at a time. :: drops mic :: Seriously though, they are. And can we just give another round of applause for these young ladies being women of color. :: raising the roof :: From the age of, founders and sisters, Carlissa and Laken King were tired of flipping through magazines and see the lack of diversity with every page turned. Rather than creating their own publication they knew that the solution would be to influence the generation of tomorrow. By reaching young girls through a formative stage, they are able to help them celebrate diversity within themselves and others.

Today, Elle & Cee World Girls launched their Kickstarter campaign to help bring their dolls to the hands of young girls. Although the world’s intolerance and ignorance of other’s cultures have has diminished so much from yesteryears, we still have a long ways to go even within gender stereotypes. Which is why more brands like this are so important. Brands that personify the constant political conversations had EVERY DAY. Carlissa and Laken hope to push the envelope by creating a doll line that challenges stereotypes, represents girls from different backgrounds, and dives deeper into modern issues that young girls and others face today.
About the dolls:

  • Dolls represent girls from different countries and backgrounds. The first three that will be available are: Pemberly – USA; Maud – Germany; Zari – Barbados.
  • Each doll will have 1 of 7 traits: Rebel, Defender, Scholar, Innovator, Healer, Explorer, Warrior
  • Each doll comes with an ambassador’s sweater, passport filled with fun, educational material, and a trait bracelet for the girl.
  • Unlike other doll companies, real girls will be partners in building ECWG. It’s about their voices, their stories. Essentially, it’s their company.

You want a piece of this world changing pie, don’t you? I know you do. Firstly, you can go to their Kickstarter and donate by clicking here. And secondly… there is no secondly. HAHA! Just go to their Kickstarter.