Oh, the places you’ll go, only you know. But as you post photos on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and Periscope and on whatever other social media channel that is out there, remember that it’s so easy to look a mess. We’re not saying that you should look as though your face was beat by beauty gods, but there shouldn’t be birds nesting in your hair and that chipped mani needs to be removed – ASAP. And it’s not easy looking halfway decent when you’re far from home, but here are a few items and tips to help you look your au naturale best!bt22582_01_pdp1. Let your feet breathe… a lot. You’re walking around for hours on end and all the sweat is building and your feet are starting to swell. Flip-flips are NOT an option. Unless you are beaching it up ALL DAY LONG, keep that shit in the hotel room. Baretrap “Krissy” sandals are so comfortable you can wear them for hours, are styled in a way they work with skirts and jeans, and take up so little room in your luggage you can still bring those monstrous flip-flops.Stylish_Nylon_Compression_Socks_Grey_White_12. Swelling feet are real. They don’t care who you are. How in shape you are. Or where you are. They will find you and ruin your moment. Especially if that moment is high in alcohol conten, heat, or thousands of feet in the air. But there’s a trick I use  – compression socks. Every night and on planes, I wear them and remove them when I wake up or when I get to my final destination. I don’t know how they work but it’s like compression angels say a prayer to rebuke the swelling devils from intervening. Otherwise my legs would resemble two succulent ham hocks trotting down the street. No joke. There are many brands popping up, but my go to is Vim & Vigr because of their funky styles and colorways.
hydrate-flash-masque-full3. All that makeup your packing, dump it. I pack tons of makeup every time I travel because I convince myself, I’ll use it. What I use the most and wish I had taken more of are those at-home facial treatments. My skin goes through severe culture shock even if we’ve been to this place thrice before and freaks out. It’s a saving grace to have a product it knows well, to calm it down, but also help neutralize the difference in the atmosphere around and what my face is going through.  Patchology has these brilliant FlashMasque Facial Sheets that exfoliate, hydrate, or illuminate in just five minutes. Imagine walking out of your hotel (or hostel for you backpackers) looking as though you just had a facial! Makeup can’t always guarantee that.BIPA020-Oct-01-2014-5-1-LR
4. When my nails are cruddy, I don’t feel well put together. Traveling with glassed polishes (base, color, top), plus the files, and buffer is not worth it. Especially when there’s a risk where it can break and ruin some of your most prized pieces, making the trip even more of a headache. The easiest solution is to go bare, or imPRESS. It’s like gel nails except there’s no LED, no sitting around for 2 hours, no acetone dip removal. They are easy press on nails that come in an array of colors and designs, that are easy to peel-off to switch out, but can also last up to 7 days for a longer stay.

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5. Like your face, your hair will need some extra TLC as well. I like to go for products that protect further damage while your away from your go-to salon, and aids in hair rehabilitation. Their full size items are large and ideal for the home, but when living out of a suitcase their Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Discovery Edition has every piece you’ll need for your time away. Women with natural hair, this brand is rich in natural nutrients our hair craves. Just a heads up if one of those hyped up items isn’t cutting it like everyone says it does. ::side-eye::

IMG_048516. Now your hair is Gone With the Wind fabulous, styling shouldn’t have to look or be difficult. Invisibobble is this traceless hair ring technology that leaves no marks after wearing, doesn’t cause headaches, prevents split ends and breakage, sweat and water resistant, is a styling tool, and has an unbelievably strong hold. The hairstyle above is on my hair with justInvisibobble. No bobby pins or extras. Fancy, huh? Go for a quick pony or something a little more intricate. Plus it works for all types and textures! 1907water17. I feel like I shouldn’t even have to tell you about water, or why it has made this list. There is so much science behind the benefits of water that it’s down to an unquestionable art. Not to sound uppity, but I will only drink particular types or brands of water. Offer me anything else and there may be an epic scene in a public arena. Just kidding. But don’t try to sell me piss and tell me it’s water, I can tell the difference. 1907 Water is right up there with my other favorite brand, Icelandic Glacial! It’s crisp, refreshing, easy to drink, and tastes like water. Nothing artificial. Even their naturally high alkaline water diffuses the disruption of the daily evils of acidic food on our bodies keeping us well-balanced. ::raising the roof:: 1907 Water is currently available in New Zealand, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and the Pacific Islands.