DISQ_PersonalDid you know the power of resistance can drastically change your workout? Seriously. It can turn that easy walk in the park to a sweat fest filled stroll. The problem is that 1.) Resistance training isn’t really marketed to the world outside of personal training and 2.) How many people really know what resistance can do? Well, there’s a new product on the block and it’s going to change the way we workout.

Founded by Robert Boekema, DISQ is a mobile fitness device that offers free resistance training to build muscle and endurance without the bulky, expensive gym equipment. But the most amazing feature with DISQ is that you can do almost ANYTHING with it, and take it ANYWHERE. You want to run a few miles with a bit of resistance? Sure. Feeling like doing wall balls with your DISQ? Go ahead! Planks? We’re not stopping you. Literally, if you can think of it, you can probably do it. Except swimming…. I don’t think getting in the water with anything is wise!

Designed for pro-athletes, actually professional speed skaters, DISQ was created as a way for them to stay in shape with equipment that emulated the motions of actual speed skating. So as the athletes became stronger and needed additional resistance, the DISQ needed to be a continual aid that provided it, rather than a temporary fix. That’s why on the side of each belt are knobs that turn to tighten (or loosen) the bands making each set perfect for the user.

I recently did a demo with Justin from CRUNCH NYC just to get a feel for what DISQ truly is all about and I will say, I kind of want one just to try for running outside. My favorite sensation in fitness is that of fighting through resistance each time and to have that feeling constantly is a dream.

DISQ is the perfect at-home or on-the-go workout gear as you won’t need much space depending on what you are doing and where. For more information on DISQ including how to get your hands on one, classes in your area, or about the brand in general, visit them online.